Email Sequences Made Easy

Automated Email Sequence Planning & Optimization for ActiveCampaign users!

You're excited to grow your business!

You're confident that launching with automated email sequences can help, and you're ready to take action -- fast!

When it comes to your email sequence, you've got one question:

what is the most important thing for me to do right now?

You need a personalized action plan. That's where I help!

Specifically, I help you in one of two ways:


your launch email sequence

My Scheduler app helps you determine how many emails to send, when to send them, and what to put in each one.

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your launch email sequence

My Dashboard app helps you use marketing analytics to boost your email sequence results.

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It's time to create your launch email sequence!

As you know, there are a lot of decisions to be made when making your launch email sequence:

  • How many emails will you include?
  • When will you send them?
  • What will you say in each email?

The Scheduler helps you answer these questions!


Start from a template

The Scheduler has starting sequences templates (inspired by many of the popular approaches of launching gurus) built-in to help you get started fast.

Pre-Sell Launch Template

Use this template to sell (or pre-sell) your new product at a specific time. This launch is ideal if you don't have a list or have a small list.

Tribe Launch Template

Use this template to sell your market-tested product to your existing list at a specific time.

Fast Launch Template

Use the template to sell your market-tested product (typically at a large discount) to get a fast cash injection.

Nurture Sequence Template

Use this sequence to welcome new subscribers to your list and build a relationship with them.

Freebee to Paid Offer Launch Template

Use this sequence if you want to first offer a freebee to your list before you make your paid offer.

Customize your outline

The Scheduler helps you define what you will say in each email in your launch. It enables you to see how these emails relate to each other, and it helps you pick the right amount of time between each message. No matter if your sequence is evergreen or only focused on a limited-time, the Scheduler can help you get organized!

Plan your dates

For those email sequences that surround a date-based event -- for example, if you only launch a specific product once per year or you have a specific date and time for a webinar -- the Scheduler allows you select holidays and days of the week to avoid.

Connect to ActiveCampaign

If you use ActiveCampaign my favorite email marketing tool, the Scheduler will auto-magic-ly convert your Scheduler plan into a new automation in your account! [This feature will be available January 2020.]

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Get Started with the Scheduler

Introductory Special: For the rest of 2019, you can use the Scheduler for over 50% off!

Use the Scheduler for $99.00 USD $49.00 USD per email sequence

The Scheduler FAQ

Nope. The Scheduler is focused on helping you make a plan for your email sequence. However, I'm creating email copy outlines/prompts for each template to help you write the copy -- those tips will be available mid-December 2019.

Yes! The Scheduler is a powerful planning tool no matter what email marketing tool you use. If you want an easy way to organize your email sequences and decide the topic for each of your emails and the order in which you send them -- this tool is for you!

I highly recommend ActiveCampaign! It is a powerful email automation tool -- and it is so flexible that I've been able to create scripts that will help you build and track your email sequences easier and faster! I love love love ActiveCampaign, if you aren't currently an AC user and are interested in exploring a new email marketing tool, you can learn more about ActiveCampaign and why I love it here.

Definitely. Consider this: what is NOT launching costing your business? What would finally launching mean for you, your family, and your business? And what if a $99.00 USD $49.00 USD investment was the key to finally getting your launch out into the world?

Most likely, you spent time and money worth well over $99.00 USD $49.00 USD to learn about launching, but you haven't done it yet. I want that to change. I want you to experience the sense of accomplishment of finishing your launch email sequence and feel the benefits of automated email sequences in your business.

By using the Scheduler, you will have a clear, step-by-step plan for your email sequence. If you are an ActiveCampaign user, in January 2020, you will also have your email sequence converted into an automation for your business. Yes, using the Scheduler is an investment, I encourage you to consider it! What is it worth to you to finally finish your email sequence?

Click here to learn more about ActiveCampaign and why I love it .

Yes! You can use select any of the existing templates, and you can modify a template to make it your own. Note: To use a new template or create a new sequence is another purchase. You can come back and edit any sequences you've designed in your account at any time (for no additional charge). You can also export your sequence plan to Word at any time.

Help is always around nearby! Simply click the "Help" tab on the right to get helpful information and be able to ask questions!

It's time to improve your launch email sequence!

Congrats! You've created your launch and put it out in the world! Now you may be asking these questions:

  • Is my sequence working well?
  • Can I make it better?
  • How can I improve my metrics, like my open and click rates?

The Dashboard helps you use marketing analytics to boost your launch results! [Coming January 2020!]


Connect to your apps

The Dashboard integrates directly with your ActiveCampaign account and Google Analytics account and presents the information to you in an easy to understand way.

You can learn more about ActiveCampaign and why I love it here.

Analyze your sequence

The Dashboard helps you understand what in your email sequence is working and what isn't! Compare your metrics based on several factors.

Receive Improvement Recommendations

The Dashboard is focused on helping you understand what actions you can take to make your email sequence better and to improve its results! By using the Dashboard, you can compare how your emails perform and see (and understand) how your whole sequence is performing. The Dashboard will also have built-in recommendation features that will suggest what changes you can make to your sequence to improve your results.

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I help businesses, just like yours, fix their frustrations with email and email sequences. I provide the planning tools, templates, and recommendations you need to take the overwhelm out of email sequences.

You already know the importance of email in your business, and you've already invested in powerful software, now is the time to maximize your use of your tools and have email work for you! Through automation and analytics, I'll help you save time and effort in creating and improving your new email sequences. Through working with me, you'll feel more productive, more balanced, and less overwhelmed.

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